Bike the City and Bad Bicycling PR

I noticed recently that a group called Bike the City has scheduled an event for Dallas. The tour is scheduled for April 21, 2013 and is organized for the purpose of raising money for a variety of charities.

The route the organizers are promoting include a nearly 40 mile stretch of Central Expressway from downtown Dallas to McKinney. They want to shut down the highway for hours! Central Expressway is one of the busiest limited access highways in the country, with a huge amount of retail and commercial activity along the entire route.

Aside from raising money for charities I am struggling to understand what good will come from this.

  1. The economic activity for a good portion of North Texas will effectively be shut down.
  2. Bicyclists taking over Central Expressway will only increase the resentment many drivers already have toward bicyclists on the roads.
  3. The event will only promote the flawed idea that bicycles belong on limited access highways.
  4. Even on a Sunday morning, the resulting gridlock will be unbearable.
  5. Auto traffic will be diverted to surface streets putting drivers, pedestrians and cyclists on those roads in even greater danger.
  6. And for all of you environmental activists who promote bicycling as a way to reduce emissions, this stunt will only increase the emissions from cars running in idle waiting for the traffic to clear up.

I’ve already written to my city council member, if you live in Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Allen, McKinney or anywhere else in the North Texas area, I encourage you to contact your elected representatives and ask them to do whatever they can to block any permits Bike the City attempts to secure that will use traffic lanes of Central Expressway or any other limited access highway in the area.



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