N=1: Five-day fast – Final results

I received the results of my blood screening in the mail yesterday. And they looked really positive. Here I present the key comparisons from my blood work in May:

May August Change
Total Cholesterol 241 250 +3.7% NEGATIVE
LDL-C 199 183 -8.0% POSITIVE
HDL-C 37 50 +35.1% POSITIVE
Total/HDL Ratio 6.5 5.0 -23.1% POSITIVE
Triglycerides 154 83 -46.1% POSITIVE
Triglyceride/HDL ratio 4.2 1.7 -59.5% POSITIVE
Total Chol 241 250
Yes, I have high cholesterol.
No, the total number does not concern me.
The secret is in the ratios. And the key ratio for me – I have a family history of diabetes – is the Triglyceride/HDL ratio. It is important to have that ratio below 3.0, but the closer to 1.0 I can get it, all the better. Five days of calorie restriction did it.
Overall, BUENO!
And through this entire process I finally internalized something that I already knew. Eat a crapton of vegetables. I am eating a lot more salads. I am loading them down with avacado and walnuts and healthy oils for salad dressing. And I am slowly losing weight. This morning I weighed in. Goal achieved!
Well, close enough. This morning I weighed in at 180.2 pounds. My goal was 180 pounds.
Time to set a new goal.